Image Editing

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Have you ever taken that perfect photo but it doesn't have a studio look to it, needs cosmetic changes or retouching? We can help!


We are happy to edit photos you supply to us as long as you are either the owner or have permission from the owner of the image. We provide a no-obligation editing service, if you are not happy with the end result there is nothing to pay!


We will send you a watermarked copy of your edited image for review before asking for payment. Once you have reviewed the image, are happy with the result and a payment has been received, we will then send the full image via email. 


Our standard price is £10 per image, but this all depends on how much work is required to complete the edit. Once we have received your image(s) and we have assessed the work required to complete the edit, we will be able to advise you if it will be over the standard charge.

To make an enquiry about image editing, please send your image(s) in either a JPEG or RAW format with a brief description of how you would like the image altered to:

Stacey Cribb (1).jpg
Stacey Cribb (1).jpg

There is only so much quality in an image when a photo is taken by a mobile phone camera and it is very difficult to enhance or improve this compared to when the photo has been taken by digital camera or DSLR. Unfortunately we are not miracle workers and photos taken on mobile phones are not always workable, but we will try our best!

Editing Included!

Safety first and editing included! As you can see, we take great care making sure your little ones are in safe hands - even if that means it's your hands!

When it comes to our own photos, we take great pride in offering a complete package, which - unlike other companies - we do NOT charge for editing when purchasing a photo-shoot, the price you pay for the session is exactly what you pay and no more! 


Image Editing Gallery

A selection of recently edited images for our customers.